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Should Your Pets Take CBD?

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Is CBD Safe For Pets?

Starting with the most common question, CBD in its pure state has shown to be well-tolerated by animals and is considered safe by the World Health Organization. In several animal studies, CBD has shown to increase comfort in dogs suffering from arthritis, reduce seizures in epileptic animals, and reduce general anxiety!

Can All Pets Take CBD?

Unfortunately, CBD can be given to most pets but shouldn’t be given to all. Veterinarians advise owners with pets who suffer from liver disease or pets that take medication metabolized by the liver to avoid giving their pet CBD. While CBD has shown to improve animals’ wellbeing in other areas, it may increase liver enzyme alkaline phosphatase, which could be harmful to pets who already suffer from liver disease.

How Your Pet Can Benefit From CBD

Anxious Animals

If you suffer from anxiety yourself, then you can probably empathize with anxious animals! Various factors can lead to nervousness in animals, like previous abuse in rescue dogs or frequent startling noises like thunderstorms or fireworks.

If pets develop noise phobias, it may cause them even more distress when you’re away from the home. Fortunately, CBD has therapeutic benefits by encouraging homeostasis in animals, in the same way it does for humans!

Epileptic Animals

CBD is most commonly used as a treatment for epileptic humans, and to no surprise, it has been shown to help epileptic dogs as well. In one clinical study, 89% of dogs given CBD had a significant reduction in the frequency of seizures.

If you’ve ever experienced the emotional pain from having a seizing animal and dealing with the side effects of traditional medication, then you understand how life-changing these findings are!

Arthritis and Chronic Pain

It’s tough to watch your pet in pain and feel like there’s nothing you can do to help them. However, CBD has shown to act as an incredible pain-reliever and reduce arthritis discomfort thanks to its ability to reduce inflammation!

Methods of Consumption For Pets

As you probably already know, humans can take CBD in an endless amount of ways. For pets, we offer two different consumption methods so that your pet’s routine remains the same, and they won’t even notice that anything has changed!

CBD Tinctures

A CBD tincture is a common method for pets since it’s fairly easy to drop the recommended dosage into your pets mouth or directly into their food. If you’re worried about your pet’s taste buds, we’ve got you covered! Before choosing the products for your box, we have a few questions to get to know you and your bet a little bit better.

We offer tincture flavors that are designed for finicky pets and even one that we just know your pup will devour, mainly because it tastes like bacon!

CBD Treats

If your dog refuses to come inside unless there’s a treat waiting for them, then our CBD Chill Bites will be the perfect method of consumption. They’re veterinarian-formulated and tested, so we know your dog will enjoy their new treats! The biggest advantage of giving your pet CBD treats is that you can easily control the dosage and determine the right amount for your pet.

The best part is, we’ve made this subscription box more of a companion box, which means that your pet AND you will each get your own set of CBD products each month. And when your pet is taken care of, we can guarantee that it’ll make your life a whole lot easier too!

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