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Cbdaplenty & CBD Life UK

Would you like a 20% discount off
CBD Life UK's awesome products?

Here at Cbdaplenty we have teamed up with CBD Life UK to create a fantastic 20% discount code for you.

Simply visit
& use code: CBDAPLENTY20

CBDLife UK was founded in 2015 as a family run business after a period in which we had a hugely positive experience as CBD users ourselves. At the time, supply in the UK was inconsistent, and the product quality was questionable. We knew that we could make a huge difference in this fledgling industry, raising awareness of CBD while simultaneously providing consistent quality products at a fair price. It was clear that the industry desperately needed this.

As pioneers in the UK CBD industry, we are proud to be founding members and sit on the board of the Cannabis Trade Association (CTA). We have witnessed and been part of the development of the industry, the needs of the customer and the legislation governing the market. We are in the unique position of being an organically grown business that exists today because of our dedication to our client base and our constant analysis of the market. We knew back in 2015 that we could improve on the products that were available and this has been our company ethos moving forward, constant improvement, constant care.


If you looking for the Best CBD products in the UK, look no further. CBD Life UK's shop contains a tonne of premium products at affordable pricing!

Whether a first time CBD user or looking for a new brand to continue your CBD journey with, they are confident you will find something you’ll love on their site.

Don't forget visit and use code: CBDAPLENTY20 for an awesome 20% off Naturecan's fantastic products!


3rd Party Lab Testing

They want our customers to be confident in the product they are buying. One way is to be able to see exactly what is in their products. Their raw materials are tested for cannabinoid profile, terpene profile, heavy metals and microbiological.

After they know our raw materials are of high quality, they use the cannabinoid profile results to create accurate formulations. Once blended, the final product is then sent off for 3rd party tested prior to bottling.

Thanks to their Lab results, you will have 100% satisfaction in knowing exactly what you’re getting within each CBDLife UK product.


So what are you waiting for?

Head over to and take at look at their awesome products & use code: CBDAPLENTY20 to save yourself a fantastic 30% discount off their wonderful products!



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