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Cbdaplenty & Cbme CBD

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Would you like a 20% discount off Cbme CBD's awesome products?

Here at Cbdaplenty we have teamed up with Cbme CBD to create a fantastic

20% discount for you!

Simply visit & use code: CBDAPLENTY


Meet Bhavin – registered pharmacist, bit of a foodie, board game enthusiast, and chief product tester at cbme.
while he was living in san diego, california back in 2018 he was introduced to CBD for the first time as a natural solution to help bring calmness to his day to giving him the focus he wanted for his daily tasks.

He wanted to share this great discovery with his mum who had been struggling with arthritic knee pain for a number of years, and after a bit of convincing she gave CBD a try and now doesn’t go a day without it.
but…why were they using the same product for totally different reasons. wouldn’t it be better to have something more specific for her and for him….and thats when the idea for cbme was born.
all natural, functional cbd products, that are easy to use.
not only did he want to share the positive results that his mum and he had – but to support with a social impact by giving back to those who need it most.


Cbme CBD's Products

They also provide Care Packages


Don't forget visit and use code: CBDAPLENTY for an awesome 20% off Naturecan's fantastic products!


They also help out a number of charities


Certificates of Analysis are available for all their products

Plus FREE Shipping for orders over £30


So what are you waiting for?

Head over to and take at look at their awesome products & use code: CBDAPLENTY to save yourself a fantastic 20% discount off their wonderful products!


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