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CBD & Arthritis

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Arthritis Foundation Releases First CBD Guidelines for Adults With Arthritis

If any of you have been following the CBD or Cannabis industry, it’s not every day that a huge milestone is crossed. September marks a huge month for the CBD industry while having the nation’s largest Arhtiritis foundation launch the first CBD guidelines for adults who have Arthritis.

The Arthritis Foundation stated that they are much aware of the growing popularity and accessible CBD-based products. In July 2019, they surveyed people affected by arthritis and roughly 2,600 people showed consistent use of and major interest in CBD for health benefits.

Arthritis Foundation’s Stance on CBD

As the CBD market has grown over the years, it’s harder and harder to avoid the subject. The Arthritis Foundation is the largest U.S. organization that represents people with arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation has always been one to explore new treatment options since it’s not one size fits all when dealing with a single drug, supplement, or therapy.

Over 350 million people worldwide and 40 million people in the United States are affected by arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation stated, “We believe patients should be empowered to find safe management strategies that are appropriate for them. The more options available, the likelier it is that more people will benefit.”

As studies and research now come to light, the Arthritis Foundation goes on record urging the FDA to expedite the study of regulations for CBD-based products so people can find other options for pain relief.

Knowing that there is limited scientific evidence about CBD’s ability to help with arthritis symptoms, the Arthritis Foundation has chosen to listen to their industry-leading experts to provide recommendations for adults interested in taking CBD.

What is CBD?

CBD (Cannabidiol) is one of over 100 known compounds called “cannabinoids” found within the Cannabis Sativa plant. The compound is present in both THC-rich strains of marijuana as well as in hemp. CBD offers numerous benefits like its close cousin marijuana, just without the “high” feeling since CBD is non-psychoactive and only has 0.3% or less THC in it.

How can you take CBD?

Due to so much demand for CBD, many brands have gotten creative, allowing many options to getting your daily CBD in. A lot of it comes down to personal preference and how each user enjoys taking their CBD.

CBD oil and tinctures

CBD oil is created by extracting the compound from the industrial hemp plant and mixing it with a carrier oil to form a tincture. There are many different ways this can be accomplished. Most experts agree that a method known as CO2 extraction produces the highest-quality CBD, although some manufacturers prefer extracting CBD utilizing an ethanol method. Both methods are capable of crafting a safe and potent finished product when the CBD is adequately sourced. This means that it should come from clean soil and cultivated using sustainable and organic practices.

How to take CBD Oil?

Once you know how much CBD to take, the user then places the CBD underneath their tongue for 30-90 seconds. The CBD oil gets absolved in the bloodstream rather quickly versus just swallowing the CBD oil.

CBD Topicals (Creams and Lotions)

CBD topicals are applied directly to your skin. Unlike CBD edibles, capsules, or oil; cream is not ingested.

Your outer most layer of skin, also known as the epidermis, is a barrier for the other skin layers (dermis and hypodermis) that keeps you safe against harmful chemicals, UV rays, and pathogens. The epidermis is extremely tough and not very permeable due to the reasons we just listed.

CBD topicals are the “safer” option for users who have less experience with taking CBD.

CBD cream is applied directly to the skin and area you want to apply it to. The cream never comes in contact with blood vessels beneath the epidermis. This slows absorbtion and takes longer for the CBD to take effect.

CBD Capsules and Pills

CBD capsules can be swallowed regularly like any other pill. This is possibly the easiest way to consume CBD without having to measure anything or think about proper dosage.

Capsules can be taken throughout the day without having to like the taste of a CBD tincture or measuring the right amount of CBD oil to use.

There are many varieties of CBD pills available to the public now. You can get a multivitamin with CBD, sleep capsules with CBD, and joint and muscle support with CBD.

CBD Edibles

One of the most popular ways to consume CBD today is CBD edibles. The best CBD gummies are pure CBD and do not contain any THC. This means that CBD gummies can be shipped to all 50 U.S. states and shouldn’t run into any trouble traveling with them within the U.S.

CBD edibles are infused with CBD to make transport, dosing, and ingestion easier for those on the go. CBD gummies range from 5mg-30mg of CBD per gummy.

Does CBD work for arthritis?

While these effects have not been validated in quality studies in humans, animal studies have shown that CBD may have pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory characteristics. Other surveys have shown that people with arthritis who have tried CBD, but not all of them, reported pain relief, improvement with sleep and reduction in anxiety.

Is CBD Oil Legal?

Growing industrial hemp with the sole purpose of extracting high-quality CBD is currently backed and legalized by the federal government. In December 2018, the 2018 farm bill was enacted. Among many of its other provisions, it removed hemp (not cannabis) from the list of prohibited substances. Hemp is now a legal agricultural commodity, and so are the products made from it.

Some individual states have taken a different stance on this and have chosen to ban CBD products. You can always see which states CBD is legal.

Currently, CBD oil is still available to purchase and consume across the majority of the United States. You’ll find in most places products still appear to be available.

In Conclusion

September marks a big milestone for the entire CBD industry along with everyone who is affected by arthritis. The Arthritis Foundation took a big stance in favor of the FDA finishing its study of regulations for CBD.

Surveys have shown that CBD may help with arthritis-related symptoms, such as pain, insomnia, and anxiety but these cannot be confirmed as there have not been clinical studies done on people yet.

There are many options for taking your CBD as it all comes down to personal preference. Regardless of which you choose, we always recommend starting with less until your body gets used to the CBD.

We’re very excited to see the outcome of this huge milestone being met as over 40 million Americans could potentially be affected by this.

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