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How CBD Can Boost Your Fitness

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CBD can help you achieve optimal wellness in several ways, but did you know that it can boost your fitness, too?

We’re officially into summer, meaning some of us are working out and being more active. Regular exercise is a great way to improve and maintain good health, especially now when many of us are spending hours sedentary as we work from the couch or dining table.

CBD use is being discussed in lots of different areas, from mental health to chronic issues, but the benefits when it comes to your fitness and workouts are impressive too. Here are some ways adding CBD to your workout routine can improve your overall fitness.


Helps you get a better night’s sleep.

In case you didn’t know, getting a good night’s sleep is important and has an indirect impact on your fitness. No matter the kind of exercise you do, be it a walking regimen or strength training, your body is going to need a full night’s sleep to rest and heal damaged muscles and inflammation.

Studies have shown that CBD use can improve the way you sleep at night, helping you sleep deeper and fuller. And the best part about CBD for sleep is that you don’t feel groggy or have a hangover feeling in the morning. Perfect if you do your workouts first thing in the morning.

Provides pain relief and muscle repair.

Injuries and strains are an unfortunately common occurrence when it comes to exercise and training. That extra mile, set of pushups, or new yoga pose can sometimes do more harm than good. Old injuries can be a detriment, too, preventing people from lacing up and ultimately throwing off their fitness goals.

CBD can help with pain and inflammation regulation. Products like topicals, creams, or our CBD roll-on assist with localized pain management as they’re able to penetrate the skin and provide targeted relief. They can be used before your workout to warm up muscles and joints or afterward to soothe muscles and alleviate inflammation.

Improves your mood.

Being in a good mood isn’t required for an effective workout, but it definitely helps. Regular exercise has many benefits, ranging from weight loss or maintenance of healthy body weight to improved cardiovascular health. But keeping up with your fitness can also boost your mood and mental health too. Heard of runner’s high?

CBD is well known for its benefits when it comes to anxiety disorders, stress, and boosting your overall mental health and well-being. Adding CBD to your workouts can help you achieve and maintain an improved mood by alleviating symptoms like discomfort and lack of motivation or focus, and help you have a better fitness experience.

Makes your workouts last longer.

Finding the motivation to get into workout clothes and actually break a sweat for 20 minutes is a tough enough task. So, you might be asking why anyone would want to make their workouts last longer. While regular exercise is necessary for optimal health, CBD can make exercising easier.

Exercise is a stressful event that increases your heart rate and blood pressure and can feel like a strain on the body, especially if you’re at the beginning of your workout journey. CBD can lower both the heart rate and blood pressure. Coupled with earlier benefits like an improved mood, you might feel more inclined to actually complete your workouts now.

Boosts overall performance.

CBD is touted as a wonder compound by medical researches, fitness professionals, and recreationists alike because of its wide range of benefits. While research directly correlating CBD and performance is limited, CBD has an indirect impact on performance because of the various pains, ailments, and disorders it can minimize.

Regular CBD use can help your best you show up when it comes to fitness. A solid night’s sleep, a boost of energy, and a healed and rested body can have you running that extra mile or cranking out that extra set effortlessly. This can leave you feeling motivated to set and crush new goals and maintain good habits.

Ready to CBD-ify your life? Learn how to get the most of CBD’s benefits and add it to your daily routine.

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