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How CBD Can Give Your Daily Meditation A Boost

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Life is pretty stressful right now and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight any time soon. We all know the usual advice to manage stress levels and keep healthy and fit. Eat more plant-based foods, exercise 30 minutes a day, virtually connect with loved ones, get more plants… these are all helpful tips, but sometimes it doesn’t feel like it’s enough.

If you’ve been following holistic wellness trends lately, then CBD and meditation may have crossed your periphery at one point or another. Like CBD, meditation is growing in popularity. Over 14% of Americans have tried some form of meditation at least once with the number of regular practitioners tripling since 2012. And, naturally, meditation experts say the calming effects of CBD and regular meditation practice are excellent when coupled together.

So, we decided to explore. But first, meditation.


When it comes to meditation, the first thing that comes to mind is a zen someone sitting in a particular fashion, tips of the index fingers and thumbs touching, saying “ommmmm.” And you wouldn’t be wrong, because meditation practice can be as simple as that.

According to the National Center for Complementary Health and Integrative Health, meditation is a mind and body practice with a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being.

Meditation dates back thousands of years and is present in multiple cultures, societies, and religions around the world. Although it’s commonly known for being used in a spiritual setting, more people are turning to meditation to alleviate stress, anxiety, and restore balance in their lives.

While there are several types of meditation around, like transcendental meditation, guided meditation, and mindful meditation to name a few, most practices have these four basics in common:

  1. Quiet location with as few distractions as possible

  2. Specific, comfortable posture (sitting, lying down, walking, etc)

  3. Focused attention

  4. Open attitude


Cannabidiol (CBD) is a compound known for its healing and health benefits, especially when it comes to anxiety, chronic pain, inflammation, and stress. What makes meditation a nice complement to CBD is that it yields similar positives to one’s wellness with regular practice.

Focus issues are the leading cause as to why people don’t meditate regularly or see its benefits. With distractions, noise, and breaking news headlines that feel like they follow a 20-minute cycle, sitting still for five to 10 minutes can be extremely difficult. So, using CBD prior to meditating to achieve some sense of calm makes sense.


Balances your mood.

Many users experience an elevated mood after using CBD, which is a helpful mood to have before a meditation session. A reason often cited when it comes to failed meditations is the inability to get into the right mindset and stay still for it.

CBD can help by providing a sense of calm and relaxation and helping you maintain focus during your session.

May soothe pain and soreness.

Pain can become an obstacle when it comes to regular meditation practice. From strained muscles after a tough workout to inflamed and sore joints, pain can make it difficult to keep focused for meditation and stay motivated to continue.

LBC CBD oils can be taken orally for pain management but for localized pain and soreness, we recommend our CBD Relief Roller. It has a unique blend of camphor, menthol, and cannabidiol hemp extract and offers soothing relief to tired joints and achy muscles.

Keeps you focused.

The mind loves to wander when you’re meditating. Sometimes it’s anxiety-related. Other times, it’s just normal life issues like not getting enough sleep, not maintaining a balanced diet, or lack of work-life balance. And a tired or worn mind is an easily disengaged mind.

For morning meditation sessions, CBD can provide a much-needed boost of energy early in the am to have you ready and settled for practice. LBC Orange Awake CBD oil is a lightweight formula that can give you mental clarity and a little stimulation to leave you ready to meditate and crush your morning.

May reduce Anxiety

If you have a lot on your mind, odds are you’re not going to stay locked in during your meditation. It’s during those moments of stillness that you remember there are a pile of bills due, start dissecting what your boss really meant at this morning’s meeting, or worry that you’re doing the meditation wrong and won’t see any benefits.

Studies have shown CBD to have a calming effect on hyperactivity in the brain, meaning it may help reduce worry, doubt, negative thoughts, and other symptoms that come with anxiety.

Looking to add CBD to your meditation practice? Visit Lux Beauty Club for CBD tinctures and topicals to help you achieve zen.

Also a great meditation guide to reference here.

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