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Make Mornings Better With CBD

The market is filled with CBD products that offer different benefits and effects. From improving the quality of sleep to making you feel more energetic, there is a product designed specifically for your concern. It may seem a little weird but CBD can offer both sedating as well as energetic effects. The secret is in the dosage.

So does that mean you can use CBD first thing in the morning? Well, people have been using that. And their experiences have been positive so far.

Is It Safe to Use CBD in the Morning?

Yes, it is absolutely safe to use CBD in the morning. It is a natural supplement just like any other supplements that you may be taking and it is completely safe to consume it any time of the day. However, it goes without saying that consuming CBD products that clearly mention night time use in the morning will most certainly make you feel drowsy and sleepy. That should not be considered a side effect or undesired effects of CBD as that is evidently on you.

Benefits of Using CBD in the Morning

CBD is known to offer therapeutic, calming, relaxing effects. These effects are not to be confused with sedating effects. So, these therapeutic, calming effects can actually help you start your day on a positive note.

Reduces Pain and Muscle Stiffness

If you are someone who finds it difficult to get out of your bed because of joint pain and muscle stiffness especially in the morning, consuming CBD in the morning can reduce that pain for you, making your morning better and easier to deal with.

Alleviates Morning Stress

Not every one of us has a morning routine. Some of us wake up, start panicking, run from one corner of the room to another confused about what should be done next. Morning stress is even more real if you are responsible for yourself and people you live with. Well, in those scenarios, the therapeutic effects of CBD can help you relax, keeping stress at bay. You will experience a difference in your morning routines once you start using the cannabinoid regularly.

Boosts Your Mood

The cannabinoid, by interacting with the endocannabinoid system, can alter your mood. Consuming CBD first thing in the morning will definitely allow you to feel better overall and enjoy a slow morning without stressing about the day and work. In fact, it can even improve your day by a lot. Good mornings are responsible for good days and starting your day with CBD can promise you a good day. Even if something negative happens, it will possibly affect you comparatively less than it normally would.

Improves Your Performance

CBD is known to enhance the creative side of an individual. Even though these effects are more prominent when consuming cannabis and not just CBD, there still is a significant improvement in the levels of productivity, concentration, focus, creativity, and thus your overall performance.

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How to Take CBD in the Morning?

Depending on the effects one expects from CBD, there are several ways in which one can consume CBD in the morning.

If you are familiar with CBD, you would know that the cannabinoid can be administered through inhalation, ingestion, sublingual administration, and topical application.

All these administration methods can be used in the morning depending on the condition the individual is dealing with.


If you intend to get immediate effects of CBD and are okay with smoking CBD, inhaling CBD, that is smoking CBD cigarettes, pre rolls or vaping CBD can be the most effective administration method. The effects you can expect through inhalation will be strong and immediate. It is suitable for people with chronic joint pain, muscle stiffness and those who find it difficult to get out of bed in the morning for any reason whatsoever.


For someone who wants the effects of CBD to be subtle and last long, ingestion method will prove to be the right choice. Great for people who intend to stay productive and motivated for longer hours of the day, the ingestion method promises slow but strong and long lasting effects of CBD.

One can choose to eat CBD edibles like gummies, candies, chocolates (great in morning), capsules, or add CBD oil and tinctures to breakfast, coffee, tea or protein bars.

Sublingual Administration

Someone who uses CBD knows sublingually administering CBD is another great and easy way of consuming CBD without waiting for the effects to kick in. The effects may be similar to smoking or vaping CBD in terms of the time it takes to deliver the effects but the effects are even more stronger and shall last long as well.

All you have to do is hold CBD infused oil or tincture under your tongue for some time. Although it is one of the most effective methods, not everyone is able to consume CBD oil directly, especially in the morning because of its taste and texture.

Topical Application

If your concern is pain, topically applying CBD can offer you local effects. No need to consume CBD in any way or form. You can simply apply CBD infused cream, lotion, spray or roll on, on the affected area and let it get absorbed in your skin. The effects, as already mentioned, shall be local and strong.

Adding CBD to Morning Routine

While this was all the information you needed to know how and why consuming CBD in the morning is good for you. Let’s now see how you can make your mornings even better by making CBD a part of your morning routine.

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Meditating With CBD

Both meditation and CBD offer therapeutic effects and benefits. You can expect multiplied benefits when you combine meditation with CBD. This, however, is not a new discovery. People have been using CBD and marijuana while meditating, practicing yoga or breathing techniques, and even exercising.

Coffee, CBD, and Journaling

If you love your morning cup of coffee and writing your thoughts down, you need to add CBD to your coffee and see how things take an even more positive turn for you. Coffee and CBD is a great combination and nothing can beat the energetic effects this shall offer. The best part is that the CBD oil in coffee will reduce the coffee jitters, so if you love a hot cup of coffee but are scared of anxiety, adding CBD will help.

In addition to that, journaling helps you get out of your mind and stay stress free. So does CBD.

Say Yes to Great Skin With CBD

CBD is great for your skin. There are innumerable CBD infused skincare products available in the market that promise healthy, glowing, and clear skin. Every morning routine includes skincare routine or at least washing face. Introducing CBD infused skincare products in the routine can promise you better skin and reduce pain and swelling as well.

Parting Words

Morning routines are responsible for leading the day in the right direction. Starting the day on the right foot is extremely important to have a good day. Introducing CBD infused products in the morning routine for any reason that you have can help you have a great day. Not just that, it can even make your mornings better than your regular good mornings. If you are looking to buy high quality CBD products, look no further. Online CBD store has all the top CBD brands under one roof.

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